Terms of employment outline the key responsibilities and benefits of a job, but there are a number of things which employers are obliged to include.

A statement of ‘written particulars’ is a day one right for both employees (people who are employed under a contract of employment) and workers (for example, a contractor who is not an employee).

It’s worth noting that:

  1. The majority of terms must be given in a single statement, before or when employment begins. The terms relating to pensions, collective agreements and any training entitlement must be given within two months of employment starting.
  2. The statement will also need to set out:
    a. The days of the week the worker is required to work.
    b. Whether the hours may be variable and how any variation will be determined.
    c. Any paid leave the worker is entitled to such as maternity or paternity leave.
    d. Details of all pay and benefits.
    e. Any probationary period.
    f. Any training entitlement provided and whether this is mandatory and if the worker must pay for it.

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