If your holiday year runs April to March and you provide staff with leave of 20 days + bank holidays, this year and next year you will need to check you provide you staff with the correct leave entitlement.

Easter this year is 30 March 2018 which means the leave year 1 April to 31 March provides nine bank holidays.

Easter next year is 19 April 2019 which means the leave year 1 April to 31 March provides only seven bank holidays.

Staff are entitled to a minimum of 28 days leave each year (full-time staff). This means for those employees whose contract states 20 days + bank holidays, they are at risk of receiving only 27 days leave next year.

This year they will receive 29 days but the fact that they ‘even out’ will not circumvent the statutory minimum entitlement to 28 days.

Therefore employers in this situation should be providing staff with an extra day of leave next year to ensure they receive 28 as a minimum.

In addition, where the contract states ‘+ bank holidays’ and does not specify ‘eight bank holidays’, contractually they are entitled to all of the bank holidays in the particular year which means this year staff will be entitled to 29 days.

For employers who specify ‘eight bank holidays’ or for those who offer more leave than the statutory minimum, this will not have an impact. But those who are affected need to consider this now, to ensure all staff receive their statutory 28 days this year.