If you are being offered a chance to leave your employment under voluntary redundancy/severance and your employer wants you to sign a settlement agreement, these are some of the things you need to know before you decide:

  • You need to get independent legal advice on the terms of the agreement before you sign.
  • Your employer is expected (not legally obliged) to contribute to your legal fees for that advice and often, they pay the whole amount.
  • You can choose which law firm to use for this advice.
  • The agreement will mean you are agreeing to leave and walk away from any employment rights you have.
  • You are agreeing not to make any claims against the employer even if you don’t realise you could make a claim right now.
  • The aim is that there is a clean break between you and the employer and you get a better lump sum than you would if you were made compulsorily redundant.
  • Some employers require that you do not try to work for them again for a set period of time.

If you would like advice on the terms of a voluntary redundancy (or severance) offer, contact employment law solicitor, Laura Franklin at Beswicks Legal. She has extensive experience in advising on such matters and will provide you with clear and impartial advice. Call 01782 20500 or email Laura directly at laura.franklin@beswicks.com