shareholder seperation


New guide to avoiding lengthy disputes

Midlands law firm, Beswicks Legal, has launched its latest self-help guide; this time for shareholders looking for an amicable parting of ways.

In ‘Shareholder separation: the path to an amicable business divorce’ the commercial dispute specialist scrutinises the types of conflict that can lead to a shareholder split, and offers guidance on mitigating the fallout of the separation process.

With tips to deal with different types of disputes, advice around the risks to individual shareholders and the wider business, and a step-by-step guide to formulating a plan, the guide is a clear, pragmatic handbook for anyone currently going through, or considering a business separation.

Karen Elder a partner in Beswicks commercial dispute team explains: “Too often shareholder separation becomes a drawn out, toxic legal process – and for a group of people who initially came together with a joint vision and a passion for their business, it’s a real shame.

“Of course, prevention is better than cure, so drawing up a solid shareholder agreement early on is the best course of action, but for those who aren’t in this position, our guide is designed to provide practical, realistic advice on how to keep negotiations amicable, and the pitfalls they may encounter during the process.”

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