football conference china


Beswicks Sports will be addressing global football community decision-makers and senior executives as guest speakers at two football conferences in China.

Specialist sports lawyer Tim Bailey is speaking at the China Football Summit in Guangzhou on 1 and 2 June, while Angela Smith will be addressing the World Football Conference in Beijing on 7 and 8 June.

Drawing on Beswicks’ experience as a top tier law firm, Tim will be highlighting how investing in the beautiful game could aid football development in China. He will be sharing how sports lawyers from Stoke-on-Trent have worked with partners and investors to put Orlando City Soccer on the map and turn it into a club that turned over £36 million in 2016 and is now valued at £240 million.

Tim, who is an FA registered intermediary and FIFA match agent, said: “Although at different stages of development, clear parallels can be drawn between China and the USA as emerging football markets.

“I’m really excited about sharing our expertise with senior executives and potential investors in China. I believe they can take the positive aspects from the North American football model and, by identifying the right overseas club investment projects, learn from more mature markets internationally and enhance the game in China.”

Tim will be joined on the trip by Beswicks Legal managing partner Nick Phillips and Beswicks international sports consultant and former British and World Champion squash player Angela Smith. From Guangzhou, the team will travel to Beijing where Angela will address representatives of Chinese football at the World Football Conference.

Angela said: “It is an honour to be speaking at the conference and to be able to share the experience and insight gained as a result of previous work undertaken in China. The opportunities available to make a difference and improve the standards of the game from grassroots upwards are immense and I am particularly pleased that Beswicks, a local company, is once again looking to take a leading role in expanding an emerging market.”

Nick added: “At Beswicks, we have a dedicated team who understand the business and regulation of football. With our vast experience in the international football industry, we are in prime position to identify key opportunities, highlight how to achieve a return on investment in overseas football and how to advance the game in China.

“We already have an office in Shanghai, as well as partnerships throughout Europe, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Central and South America, South Korea and the Far East, Africa and Australasia. I’m very much looking forward to meeting with Chinese football representatives and further expanding our network.”

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