Targeted email attacks are on the rise, you may have seen the headlines where individuals and businesses have fallen victim to hackers who send fake emails claiming to be their solicitor resulting in large sums of money being diverted and stolen. In a recently reported case, fraudsters stole £45,000 from a newlywed couple who thought they were paying their deposit to their legal advisers and looking forward to moving into their first home. Only later did they discover they were the victims of a cruel scam. After an agonising wait, the couple’s bank only managed to retrieve £22,000 of the funds stolen as the rest had already been withdraw by the fraudsters.

While we all enjoy the convenience of emails it is imperative we remain vigilant at all times as attacks seem to be on the increase and are becoming more sophisticated. Growing awareness of this type of cybercrime enables us to better understand the risks and take the necessary precautions.

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