Sampson dismissal raises questions about FA procedures_

Laura Franklin, 21st September 2017

Mark Sampson’s sacking as England Women’s manager raises a number of interesting questions around an employer’s response to allegations of professional misconduct.

Becky Barletta story highlights the issue of dementia in younger people_

Sarah Mellor, 19th September 2017

In honour of World Alzheimer’s Day, we tackle one of the main misconceptions about dementia - that it is a natural part of aging.

How separated parents can beat the school holiday blues_

Sarah Johnson, 13th September 2017

School holidays can be a real problem for parents who have separated. Having agreements in place creates clarity and helps to nip issues in the bud.

Landlords - are you following the correct section 21 process?_

Waseem Ahmed, 7th September 2017

Many landlords are issuing incorrect section 21 notices, leading to increased costs, delayed proceedings and potential loss of rental income.

Tips on how to avoid penalty points on your driving licence_

Andrew Turnock, 31st August 2017

It is possible to accumulate points quickly especially if you do a lot of driving for work.

Settlement Agreements are going to change - are you aware?_

Laura Franklin, 24th August 2017

Settlement Agreements have become a well-known option for employers and employees to resolve their difference without worry of future claims, in return for a payment of some compensation.

What is the required notice period for termination?_

Laura Franklin, 21st August 2017

An area of employment that can cause a headache for managers and staff alike is the required notice period for termination (resignation).

My ex-husband wants to reduce the amount of maintenance that he pays me. Can he do this?_

Sarah Jones, 14th August 2017

If you have a lives periodical payment order, this means that maintenance is payable until the death of either you or your ex-husband ..

Spousal maintenance - a meal ticket for life?_

Sarah Jones, 7th August 2017

Recent case law gives mixed messages about whether spousal maintenance should allow for a period of adjustment or be a meal ticket for life.

Is your divorce petition strong enough?_

Sarah Abbotts, 31st July 2017

When filing for divorce on the ground of unreasonable behaviour there must be several strong examples of such behaviour to support the application.

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