Support available for Carillion suppliers and employees_

Richard Anderson, 17th January 2018

As the news of Carillion’s collapse begins to sink in, employees, supply chain organisations and sub-contractors are left trying to establish exactly what it will mean for them.

Qualifiying service is key_

Laura Franklin, 9th January 2018

One issue that keeps arising when employees seek our advice relates to how long they have worked for their employer.

Are you not getting the ‘break’ you deserve?_

Jessica Hancock, 9th January 2018

Yesterday the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) handed down it’s judgment in the case of Crawford v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd.

Draft bill attempts to tackle exploitation of gig economy workers_

Laura Franklin, 28th November 2017

A draft bill and report tackling the controversial way gig economy companies treat their workers has been published this month.

Don't be tempted to drink and drive this Christmas time, know the legal limits_

Andrew Turnock, 28th November 2017

It’s tempting to have a drink to be sociable at Christmas time, but if you are driving, how confident are you that you know how much you can have and still be below the legal limit?

Cohabitation Awareness Week aims to dispel the myth of 'common law marriage'_

Sarah Johnson, 23rd November 2017

Cohabitation Awareness Week is a week devoted to raising awareness of the issues around cohabitation, including the myth of ‘common law marriage’.

Parents who lose a child to get right to paid leave under proposed new law_

Laura Franklin, 21st November 2017

A government bill, which is likely to become law in 2020, will give parents two weeks paid leave if they lose a child who is under the age of 18.

Protecting your business from divorce_

Sarah Jones, 21st November 2017

When you divorce your business assets are usually considered to be matrimonial assets which will form part of the pot for distribution.

Research reveals that more than half of UK parents have not made a will_

Kate Sutherland, 16th November 2017

A recent survey has revealed that more than half of UK parents with children under 18 have not made a will.

Blackpool FC case provides food for thought on the implications of unfair prejudicial conduct_

Stephen Taylor, 13th November 2017

The recently reported case serves as a very useful reminder of what sorts of behaviours can constitute unfair prejudicial conduct.

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