Business and Career Wealth Succession

Building and managing a business or professional career of whatever nature will take up most of your time. The objective is usually to turn a successful business and career plan into wealth to provide a certain standard of living and lifestyle. The protection of that wealth and lifestyle should be at the heart of your business or career plan.

What should you be thinking about?

  1. An exit strategy for your wealth from the business
  2. The succession of earned wealth through the family
  3. Managing your business if you become incapable of doing so
  4. What happens to wealth on divorce or separation?

Below is a brief idea of how you might manage some of these issues.

This is where an agreement between co-business owners is put in place that provides a structure to acquire a deceased owner’s business assets for an agreed value. This is normally linked into life insurance on each of the business owners’ lives to facilitate the purchase price. The arrangement provides security for the surviving family and value in the business

  • Flexible wills

Wealth passing outright to family or a partner takes away control over the ultimate destination and use of that wealth. Second marriages and immature children are often recipes to water down wealth. A flexible will introduces trusts as a vehicle to pass business and personal wealth into enabling you to govern who has access and structure the succession of business interests.

If you lose capacity you can decide who acts on your behalf.

  • Nuptial Agreements

Separation and divorce often lead to unpleasant and costly arguments about wealth distribution. Fairly and sensibly drawn up agreements help avoid the extremes of argument and cost in the process of divorce.

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