pension sharing on divorce


Yesterday’s instruction from the Government to stay at home and only venture out for necessities like groceries and medicines has caused much anxiety among separated parents.

Families across the UK were told that lockdown meant that people leaving their homes should only be those that ‘absolutely need to.’ People were advised not to mix with anyone outside of their immediate household. But where does that leave divorced and separated parents with arrangements in place to see their children?

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove today clarified that under 18s can move from one parent’s home to another parent’s home ‘as appropriate’.

While the overall aim is to reduce the amount of movement taking place between households, families in this situation are an exception to the rule.

As always, the wellbeing of the children is absolutely paramount and, while no parent would want to expose their child to risk, it is in the interests of both children and parents that they are allowed to see each other as they would usually do.

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