Today, for the first time in five years, court fees will increase. The court fees affected are:

  • All County Court actions
  • County Court – Family Proceedings
  • Senior Courts of England & Wales
  • Supreme Court of the UK
  • Tribunals and Inquiries

The increases come on the back of a government consultation launched on 22 March 2021, entitled ‘Increasing selected court fees and Help with Fees income thresholds by inflation’.

The consultation outlined the Ministry of Justice’s plans to increase court fees in line with historic inflation going back to 2016 when court fees were last reviewed.

In fact, 61% of respondents disagreed with the proposal, with many feeling that the economic impact of Covid-19 made it an inappropriate time to increase fees.

However, the MoJ argued that the increase reflected inflation, was not, therefore, a rise in real terms and would help with running costs.

On the face of it the increases are relatively small, but it is important that clients are aware of the new prices.

The key court fee increases to note are:

Small Claims Court Hearing Fees:

  • Claims up to £300 – £27 (up from £25)
  • Claims of £300-£500 – £59 (up from £55)
  • Claims of £500-£1,000 – £85 (up from £80)
  • Claims of £1,000-£1,500 – £123 (up from £115)
  • Claims of £1,500-£3,000 – £181 (up from £170)
  • Claims over £3,000 – £346 (up from £335)


  • £119 for enforcement via county court bailiff (up from £110)
  • £71 for high court enforcement (up from £66)

Family Court fees:

  • Filing an application for a divorce, nullity or civil partnership dissolution – £593 (up from £550)
  • Applications under the Children Act 1989, for example child arrangements orders, prohibited steps order, specific issue order or special guardianship order, and enforcement orders – £232 (up from £215)
  • Applications to revoke, amend, extend or take action following the breach of an existing Children Act enforcement order – £102 (up from £95)
  • Applications within proceedings without notice or by consent (for example applications to adjourn a hearing) – £53 (up from £50)
  • Applications within proceedings, with notice – £167 (up from £155)
  • Applications for a financial remedy – £275 (up from £255)

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