Covid-19 and increased reports of domestic abuse seem to go hand-in-hand.  It has been extremely sobering to see data from a number of sources that point towards domestic abuse soaring during lockdown and the ongoing pandemic.

In one report that I read by the charity Women’s Aid, it was found that two-thirds of domestic abuse victims had experienced increased violence during lockdown. While BBC’s Panorama programme revealed that during the first seven weeks of lockdown, police in the UK received a call about domestic abuse every 30 seconds.

Sadly, as a family solicitor, it comes as no surprise to me that lockdown and ongoing Covid-related restrictions have placed a great strain on relationships, worsening the problems faced by those already in abusive relationships and triggering issues for others.

As the NSPCC has quite rightly pointed out, children are often the unintended victims. The impact on them of witnessing domestic abuse can be huge, leaving them feeling frightened and isolated.

One of the driving principles of family law is to put the children at the centre of the process, always making decisions that are in their best interest.

The reason for this is that conflict is incredibly damaging to children and all too often even the most loving parents can lose sight of their children’s needs when emotions such as fear and anger take over.

With careful management and good legal advice, it is possible to separate from your partner in a way that minimises the impact on your children and enables you to build a bright, secure, happy future for them.

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