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Divorce is a personal journey and quite often a long distance event. It takes stamina and emotional commitment.  Those divorcing will meet many new people along their journey one of whom will be their lawyer.

Choosing the right solicitor is very important. A family lawyer must be more than just a professional advisor although is never quite a friend. He or she is certainly a confidante and someone to trust. It is a special relationship and my colleagues and I are always conscious of striking the right balance. It is not just about the price either although we understand that is an important factor and we are often asked for our “price list” for divorce.

Our rates are competitive. However, in my experience divorce rarely operates in such clinical terms and we are careful to warn prospective clients not only to look at the bare cost but to find a lawyer with whom they are truly comfortable. What I hope sets us apart is the way we work with our clients, the relationship we form with them and the journey we help them along. Whatever the destination, we know what it takes to go the extra mile and get the job done.

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