Driving offences

Accused of a motoring offence and not sure what to do?

Minor motoring offences dealt with for£150


Act quickly to protect your licence

The implications of even a relatively minor motoring offence can be extremely serious, leading to you accruing penalty points and putting you at risk of losing your licence.

If you have accumulated points on your licence, are worried about being banned from driving or have been accused of a more serious motoring offence, talk to our experienced motoring lawyers.

We can deal with the matter for you, minimising the number of penalty points you accrue, helping you avoid disqualification and dealing with all of the paperwork required by the courts.

Never ignore a Notice of Intended Prosecution or a Single Justice Procedure Notice. The key is to act swiftly and to get legal advice from a trusted expert at the earliest opportunity.

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Why choose Beswicks?

  • Qualified Lawyers

    Qualified lawyers

    At Beswicks, you won’t find unqualified advisers based in impersonal call centres. Our team of specialist solicitors take the time to understand your personal situation.

  • Real World Advice

    Real-world advice

    Whether you’ve been accused of a minor motoring offence or a more serious matter, our team will give you no-nonsense advice about the best approach to take.

  • Practical Solutions

    Practical solutions

    Our team has a wealth of experience dealing with all manner of motoring offences and is always on hand to provide swift, practical solutions. We handle all of your legal paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our expertise

  • Speeding 172 (Notice of intended prosecution)
  • Drink driving
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Mobile phone motoring offences
  • Imprisonable motoring offences
  • Exceptional hardship
  • Special reasons

Clarity about cost

  • Management of minor motoring offences through the Single Justice Procedure where no court appearance is required. £150+vat

This includes handling all court paperwork and drafting letter of mitigation.

  • For more serious matters that require a court appearance, costs usually start around £380+vat. Please get in touch for a quote and to discuss your situation. Find out more about our motoring fixed fees.


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