Business, Property, IP and Construction Disputes _

Commercial disputes are an unfortunate part of business life. Whether you are facing a problem with a supplier, client, competitor or business partner; or a disagreement over property or IP rights, early and effective resolution is crucial.

If court proceedings are required then our specialist team has extensive experience of High Court, County Court and specialist Tribunals.

At Beswicks Legal, our dispute resolution team takes a proactive approach to your commercial dispute. We use mediation, arbitration and litigation techniques to resolve any disagreements cost-effectively, and with the minimum disruption to your business.

With prevention always better than cure, we also work with you to help ensure the necessary agreements and structures are in place to prevent such disputes from occurring in the first place.

With a transparent approach to costs, we offer flexible fee arrangements including – where appropriate – fixed fees and conditional fee arrangements. With an eye on your bottom line, we also provide a range of fixed-price online legal services that you can use and, if required, submit to us for review.

Our Business, Property, Construction & Intellectual Property Disputes team can help you with:

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Contract disputes_

Disputes over contracts place an unwelcome and unnecessary burden on your business. At Beswicks Legal, we defend and protect you from such distractions; freeing you up to get on with the important task of running your business.

With an eye firmly on your commercial objectives, we help with a broad range of contractual disputes, from terms and conditions of supply to complex commercial and cross-border agreements.

Wherever possible, we look to use negotiation and mediation rather than litigation to help you reach an amicable agreement. Where settlement cannot be reached, we have the litigation skills and experience necessary to represent you at court.

Where appropriate, once a dispute has been resolved, we will use this opportunity to protect the long-term interests of your business by reviewing your commercial agreements and minimising the likelihood of such conflict recurring in the future.

Construction disputes_

From domestic disputes with building contractors to larger commercial claims on warranties and standard form contract issues, our construction litigation team can guide you through the substantive and procedural pitfalls in this specialist area of dispute resolution. We can help you take a pragmatic and commercial approach when considering which adjudicative or non- adjudicative process to follow whilst balancing the desire to complete the project against rising build costs and contractual damages claims.

Our team of solicitors can also prepare the relevant construction agreements for funder, developers, tenants, main/subcontractors and professional consultants to protect interests on the project both during the construction phase and after the build has completed.

We provide the complete package in construction matters and work closely with our planning and commercial property experts to achieve your goals on property development projects. Read more

Property disputes_

Our property litigation experts advise our business clients on a broad range of property disputes; helping landlords, commercial tenants, developers, housing associations and property managers to a successful resolution.

With an eye firmly on your commercial objectives, wherever possible we use negotiation and mediation rather than litigation to help you to reach an amicable agreement. Where settlement cannot be reached, we have the litigation skills and experience necessary to represent you at court.

Committed to protecting your business, and your professional reputation, we seek to secure the best result for you and your organisation, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


Debt Recovery disputes_

Credit control is a crucial area of business management and cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Our services are designed to meet the debt collection needs of businesses when payment problems arise.

Our strategy will depend on the type of debtor you are pursuing, your previous connection /relations and how strongly you wish to pursue your debtor. We appreciate that you may wish to maintain business relations with some or all debtors.

We take pride in the fact that you will view us as a seamless extension to your credit control teams.

IP disputes_

For many businesses, intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets they have. If your IP has been stolen or misused, or if you have been wrongly accused of stealing the IP of a competitor, it is important to secure expert legal advice as quickly as possible.

Protecting your commercial interests, at Beswicks Legal we provide practical, cost-effective advice to ensure your IP is protected now and in the future.

Working across a range of industries, where a dispute does arise, we help stop the infringement and – where appropriate – seek compensation for any loss.

Reputational damage_

In today’s online age, your reputation can be damaged at the click of a button. If your business has been the victim of untrue or distorted criticism, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible and minimise the damage to your brand.

Where defamation is proven, as well as ensuring the removal of the offending comments, you may also be able to make a compensation claim in respect to the distressed cause and any financial losses.


Injunctions are Court orders which compel something to be done or not done. They may be standalone or used as part of a wider Court process.

The circumstances in which Injunctions can be sought are wide. Common examples include;

  • preventing a former employee or a competitor from doing something or from using your sensitive confidential information
  • freezing assets to prevent them being removed
  • obtaining documents often by way of a search and seizure process.

Injunctions are extremely time sensitive and irrespective of what side you’re on, you need an experienced team with strength in depth to deal with them in the very limited time that will be available to you. At Beswicks, our dedicated team of Dispute lawyers have dealt with numerous injunctions in all kinds of circumstances and will be able to assist you to best manage the process and help you achieve a favourable outcome.

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