Motor Offences_

Our Specialist Team of Defence Lawyers offer a dedicated service committed to providing proactive and effective advice at every stage of your case. Our team has many years of experience in all types of motoring Prosecutions from minor traffic violations to offences carrying terms of imprisonment. No case is too small or too serious. We can assist you with whatever your case involves.

Our motoring defence lawyers can help you with:

Exceptional Hardship_

If you receive 12 penalty points or more you will be liable to immediate disqualification. However this can be avoided if you can persuade the Court to find that “Exceptional Hardship” exists. Examples would be loss of livelihood leading to severe financial hardship for individuals or businesses, if the driver was disqualified; or significant impact on the welfare of others who are dependant upon the driver and his ability to drive.

Special Reasons_

In some circumstances a driver can argue that “Special Reasons” exist not to impose penalty points or disqualification as a result of an offence being committed. Examples would be shortness of distance driven; emergency; necessity; or where the driver has been misled in some way in the case of no insurance or disqualified driving.

Speeding/s 172 (Notice of intended prosecution)_

These types of Prosecution are the most frequently encountered motoring cases by drivers. Contact us immediately upon receipt of either a Summons or S172 Notice to receive advice on how to proceed. Early proactive advice is essential in these types of cases to achieve the best possible outcome.

Imprisonable motoring offences_

Offences such as Dangerous Driving, Driving with Excess Alcohol and any offences involving a fatality can result in a sentence of imprisonment. We can offer a full service at the Magistrates’ and Crown Court for all types of offence where a custodial sentence may be considered.

Driving without due care and attention_

Whilst not imprisonable, this offence can carry between 3 and 9 penalty points which may lead to disqualification under the “totting up” provisions (12 points or more). Prosecutions of this kind can arise as a result of something as innocent as a momentary lapse of concentration; unfamiliarity with a particular road or unexpected road conditions.
We will defend your case comprehensively from the outset, including site visits and the obtaining of Experts reports where appropriate to build your defence and give you the best possible prospects of success at Court.

Mobile phones_

Often this type of case depends upon the witness evidence of Police Officers who allege they have seen a driver using a hand-held mobile device. We have had considerable success in challenging this type of evidence at Court where Prosecutions have failed once this witness evidence is put under closer scrutiny.
Let us consider the strength of the evidence against you first before you consider accepting a charge of this type.

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