redundancy protection for pregnant women


Current redundancy protection for pregnant women ends when they return to work. Some have felt this is not sufficient as they are then at risk of redundancy after being absent for several months and now have the additional responsibility of a child.

The government is now moving to extend the protection period for an additional six months following a woman’s return to work. This is aimed at helping new mothers settle back into work without fear they can suddenly be made redundant and should deter employers who may have mistreated new mothers following their maternity leave in the past.

Unfortunately there are still employers who don’t like employees taking maternity leave and if they don’t dismiss them at the beginning of the pregnancy, they see their return to work as a free chance to dismiss as soon as the protection ends.

The extended protection period will apply to maternity leave, adoption leave and shared parental leave, but it will not apply to paternity leave.

No date of implementation is known yet but this will be in force in the near future and is something employers should keep on their radar. (Although employers should act fairly in any event).

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