The Beswicks Overview Service

Our Beswicks Overview services will provide detailed expert advice, along with a Moving Forward Plan, providing much-needed clarity about the best way forward for you.

Dedicated Team

Our family law solicitors provide excellent legal advice backed up by a sensitive, understanding approach – essential at such an emotionally difficult time.

Experienced in Dealing with Complex Matters

Our highly experienced team can resolve issues around divorce, child arrangements, finances and business interests, achieving positive outcomes.

Fully Qualified Professionals

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are fully-qualified solicitors, trained mediators and Resolution-accredited.

The Beswicks Overview Service

Our Family Law Services

Our experienced solicitors are family law experts and can advise you on:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial orders
  • Child arrangements
  • Domestic violence and injunctions
  • Pre nuptial and post nuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements

Your Initial Appointment

Unlike the free consultations offered by others, we don’t just scratch the surface giving vague advice. We will look in detail at all the legal, financial, pension, property, business and child-related issues affecting you.

We offer two types of initial appointment. The first is our Beswicks Overview service, which provides an in-depth consultation with an experienced family solicitor, followed up by a Moving Forward Plan to provide absolute clarity on your situation. This consultation costs £250+vat.

Alternatively, we can provide a fixed fee hour-long family law appointment at £100+vat.

Whichever appointment type you choose, you will see an experienced family solicitor who will guide you through your situation, looking after your best interests.

Book your appointment by using our online appointment request system. Alternatively, you can email or phone us on 01782 205000 or 0161 929 8494.



How to Get a Divorce

Expert Support

When a relationship breaks down the repercussions can be immense, impacting on children, wider families, finances and business interests. Our dedicated team can help look after and protect you and your loved ones, guiding you through this difficult time and helping you to move on to the next stage of your life.

Our focus is to negotiate on your behalf to reach an amicable agreement swiftly and fairly, but if agreement cannot be reached, we have the experience and skills needed to represent you at court.

Read more about our Family Law services.

Who Can Get a Divorce?

To get divorced in England or Wales:

  • You need to have been married for over 12 months
  • Your relationship must have permanently broken down
  • Your marriage must be legally recognised in the UK (including same sex marriage)
  • The UK must be your permanent home, or the permanent home of your husband or wife

There is only one ground for divorce, and that is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.


Why Choose Beswicks?

  • Experienced family solicitors
  • Jargon-free approach
  • Rated five-stars on Google reviews
  • Regular progress updates provided
  • Upfront about costs
  • Dedicated solicitor who you can contact at any time
  • Regulated by the SRA
  • Resolution-accredited

Clarity About Cost

  • Choose from our Beswicks Overview Service – an in-depth appointment with a written Moving Forward Plan – at £250+vat, or a standard fixed fee hour-long consultation costing £100+vat.

The Benefits

  • Qualified Solicitors

    You'll receive solid legal advice provided by experienced family solicitors who understand just what you're going through.

  • Accessible at all Times

    We're just a phone call away, supporting you with advice whenever you need it and helping you to navigate emotionally charged situations in the calmest possible manner.

  • Practical Solutions

    We use our vast experience working with all types of families to find the best solutions for you, negotiating on your behalf and putting the best interests of you and your family first.

How Does it Work?

Step One

Every family situation is unique, so the first thing we do when you instruct a Beswicks’ divorce solicitor is to meet with you so that you can fully explain your circumstances. This can be done face-to-face, over the phone or via video call.

You can choose from a comprehensive Beswicks Overview appointment consisting of an in-depth meeting at which we will accurately assess the best next steps for you and provide you with a clear Moving Forward Plan that you can keep and refer to whenever you need to (£250+vat) or a standard hour-long fixed fee appointment (£100+vat).

Step Two

There are two parties in any divorce; the person who initiates the divorce, also known as the applicant, and the other party who is the respondent. You can apply for a divorce jointly if you wish: we will be able to advise you if that is best for you.

If you are the applicant, step two will involve writing your divorce application. Your solicitor will draft this for you using the information discussed at your initial consultation.

Once you have reviewed your divorce application. It will be sent to your spouse to give them the opportunity to respond.

If you are the respondent (or second applicant), we will review the details contained in the divorce application received from your spouse. You have two options at this stage, to either agree the application or, on very limited grounds, you can dispute the divorce.

If you agree to the application, this is an uncontested divorce but if you decide to defend the application, it is a disputed divorce.

Step Three

The next stage varies depending on whether your divorce is disputed or not. The majority of divorces will not be disputed, as the basis for disputing it is so narrow, either you are not married, you are already divorced, or the courts in England and Wales do not have jurisdiction (usually because one or other or both of you do not live here).

An uncontested divorce is usually more straightforward than a disputed divorce. In an uncontested divorce the divorce application is sent to the court, along with an acknowledgement of service form filled in by the respondent. The petitioner then applies for a conditional order for divorce.

If a divorce is contested, the petition will be sent to the court and the respondent given 21 days to file an answer saying why they disagree with the divorce. This leads to a lengthier and more costly process.

Final Steps

Divorce proceedings can be complex and there may be many issues to resolve before your divorce is final, for example, financial issues, child arrangements and property matters. Your solicitor’s expert advice and support is crucial in ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome.

Once these matters have been resolved and providing a period of six weeks and one day has passed since your conditional order has been pronounced, the applicant (or joint applicants) can then make a final application for a final order for divorce to officially end the marriage.

What Our Clients Say

Very happy with the service provided. Kept me up-to-date every step of the way! Highly recommended!

J Spencer

A very well-organised and attentive firm who helped me with family matters for which I am truly grateful.

Howard Cutland

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Sarah Jones. She was brilliant. A friend recently asked me whether I felt lonely being on my own. I explained that Sarah never left my side. It was like I'd known her for years. She fought my case and supported me.

Sandra Stevenson

Sarah Jones was professional throughout, thorough and I did not have to chase her up once. She made me feel at ease throughout and informed me of what was happening at each stage. She came to the rescue on several occasions when orders needed to be completed straight away to safeguard my children. Sarah was amazing.

Sarah Loader

I found Beswicks' staff friendly and helpful and Sarah Jones extremely capable and obliging. She very kindly kept my family informed at all times.

Jenny Grainger

Thank you so much for your help, advice and professional services. It was a pleasure to meet you and I am very pleased with the outcome you achieved for me with minimum fuss or expense.


Very helpful and friendly during a difficult time.


Professional service, yet friendly, kind and approachable.

Mrs KD
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