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Finding Derek’ gave ITV viewers an insight into the heart-breaking story of Kate Garraway and her husband Derek Draper who has been hospitalised with Covid for over a year.

Derek was described by his doctors as the sickest Covid patient they had ever seen after he suffered complications, which included multiple organ failure and cognitive difficulties.

TV presenter Kate was left to cope alone with the couple’s two children, managing the household and juggling work.

The harrowing documentary, ‘Finding Derek’, showed the emotional strain that Derek’s illness has had on the whole family, both in terms of coping day-to-day, as well as dealing with the uncertainty of what the future might hold.

Families impacted by such dramatic and sudden ill-health, which can lead to longer-term disability, are generally shocked to find themselves in such a position.

It is normal to think that something like this could never happen to you, but Kate and Derek’s sobering story is proof that the unexpected can happen. In Kate’s words: “He’s got a huge challenge ahead of him that he couldn’t have predicted – none of us could have.”

While there may be little you can do to prepare for an eventuality such as this, there is something that you can put in place now to alleviate a little of the pressure should the worst happen.

Creating lasting powers of attorney (LPA) for both financial matters and health and welfare means that your nominated attorney can manage your affairs should you suffer ill-health and be unable to do so yourself.

This helps enormously with practical things, such as accessing bank accounts or making decisions about treatment.

In the documentary, Derek’s illness was described as like having the carpet pulled from underneath the family’s feet.

At such a terrible time, having LPAs in place can remove a tiny bit of pressure and help you to avoid unnecessary practical complications and obstacles.

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