flood checks


Recent research has revealed that 82% of homebuyers would be put off buying a property if they were told that it was located in a flood risk area.

As we have all seen from dramatic media coverage, flood damage is devastating for homeowners and all too often the physical and emotional upset is compounded by significant increases in insurance premiums and excesses. Some homeowners are left unable to ensure their property against the risk of flood.

As residential property solicitors, it is imperative that we provide you with as much information, protection and reassurance as possible to ensure you are aware of any risk and can adequately protect yourself. A detailed independent flood checks analysis using the most up to date data on flood risk areas is recommended as standard. With it, we can carry out our enquiries and investigation with confidence and report to you without the chance of anything being missed and you can make an informed decision about flood risk.

We aim to take the worry out of buying and to answer all of your queries before you commit.

If you’d like any further information on flood checks for residential properties or any aspect of residential property law please contact Emma Millington at Beswicks Legal on 01782 404660 or emma.millington@beswicks.com