pre-nuptial agreement


Unaccustomed as I am to the world of celebrity (A-Z listers all included) I couldn’t help notice the marital breakdown of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini reported in the press recently. Within the same month, Cheryl was also seen jet-setting off to Barbados to witness her fellow Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh’s wedding. Her message to Kimberley, according to the papers – a healthy dose of legal advice advising her pal to get a pre-nup. (A pre-nup by the way being short for a Pre-nuptial agreement – a legal document setting out the how the parties should distribute their assets on separation.)

Cheryl is seemingly wise after the event as on her own marriage she rejected a pre-nup and now it is reported may lose a chunk of her fortune to her former “beau” Jean-Bernard

What should Kimberley do? And what a passion-killer some might say, dealing with your divorce and financial settlement before you’re even married! It really comes down to risk management. If you must protect the family silver or the income from your parents farm to hand down to another generation then a pre-nup clearly has a place. If you want to ring-fence the home you bought a few years before you met your wife or husband-to-be thereby effectively allowing you to pick up where you left off some might question whether marriage is really for you!

Marriage is a personal choice meaning different things to different people. Whether because of religion or family or just old-fashioned love people will always marry and that to me at least is a nice thought. If you’re not sure whether a pre-nup is for you why not call us for a confidential chat? It will even cost less than the wedding cake!

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