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Department: Conveyancing and Property

Conveyancing and Property

What is the difference between exchange and completion?

When buying or selling property exchange of contracts is when you have agreed a moving date and your solicitor and the other party's solicitor

Conveyancing and Property

How should I choose a solicitor for my house move?

Once you've accepted an offer on your property your estate agent will ask you for your solicitor's details. Your choice of solicitor can make

Conveyancing and Property

Can I lend my child money to buy a house?

Yes, borrowing from friends and family for property transactions has become the norm. However, it is important that arrangements of this kind

Conveyancing and Property

Why register property with the Land Registry?

If you bought or mortgaged your property after 1998, it should be registered with The Land Registry. However, if this is not the case, your ti

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What happens when one tenant in common dies?

If you jointly own your property as tenants in common, when you die your share of the property will pass to your estate. If you have made a wi

Conveyancing and Property

What’s the difference between joint tenancy and tenants in common?

Joint tenants means both owners will own the whole of the property together. Married couples or those in civil partnership often choose this t

Conveyancing and Property

What is the difference between a search and a survey?

Searches are carried out by your solicitor who will raise enquiries with various organisations about the property you are buying.

Conveyancing and Property

Do I need a solicitor to re-mortgage my home?

You will need a solicitor to handle the legal aspects of your re-mortgage, dealing with all the paperwork to transfer the funds once your re-m