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Corporate & Commercial

Do I need an IT or software agreement?

With constant developments in technology, the need for clear IT and software agreements has never been greater. Relying on relationships or we

Corporate & Commercial

What should I include in my business’s terms and conditions?

What should be included in standard terms depends very much on whether the business sells to consumers, other businesses or to both and also o

Corporate & Commercial

What steps should I take before signing a contract?

Contracts are legal documents, so it is vital that you always take care to check what you're signing up to.

Corporate & Commercial

What are express termination rights?

Express termination rights can be included in commercial contracts to specify the circumstances under which the contract can be lawfully ended

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Can you orally change a written contract?

Most commercial contracts include a provision that the contract may not be amended except in writing and signed by the parties.

Corporate & Commercial

Can I rely on legitimate interest for B2B marketing?

For business to business marketing legitimate interest may be used as your legal basis for processing work email addresses that identify indiv

Corporate & Commercial

How do I make sure my privacy policy is GDPR compliant?

Your privacy policy is the conduit through which you must communicate your privacy practices to users, customers and clients.

Corporate & Commercial

If a website has a generic email address, do I need consent under GDPR to contact them?

If the email address is, for example, ‘sales@’ and does not identify a person, then it is not personal data and you are free to contact it.