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Department: Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

How can I improve my chance of recovering unpaid invoices?

Prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to recovering unpaid invoices. To protect your cashflow and make sure you get paid mak

Debt Recovery

Can I use the small claims process to recover money that I am owed?

If you are owed £10,000 or less, you can take action against the person or organisation that owes you the money through the small claims proce

Debt Recovery

What do I do if I’m owed money?

Whether you are a business or an individual, trying to claw back money that you are owed is an incredibly time-consuming and frustrating

Debt Recovery

Can I claim interest on outstanding invoices?

The simple answer is yes. There are three types of interest claims:

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What is the duty to report on payment practices and performance?

If you are a limited company or a limited liability partnership having £36 million annual turnover, £10 million balance sheet total and/or 250

Debt Recovery

Am I entitled to interest on recovered debts?

If you do not have a contractual agreement with the debtor, then at the outset of proceedings, if against an individual, your solicitor will c

Debt Recovery

What happens if my debt case is defended?

If it is a small claims debt case, the court may set the case down for a directions hearing or list it for a final small claims hearing. A sma

Debt Recovery

Can the debtor offer to pay the debt by instalments?

Yes, a debtor can offer to pay a debt by instalments. This is done by the debtor returning the prescribed form to the court detailing his inco