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Department: Disputes (personal)

Disputes (personal)

On what grounds can a will be challenged?

A will can be challenged on a number of grounds:

Conveyancing and Property

What happens when one tenant in common dies?

If you jointly own your property as tenants in common, when you die your share of the property will pass to your estate. If you have made a wi

Disputes (personal)

How do I evict a residential tenant?

There are two pieces of legislation in particular that cover evictions of residential tenants these are section 8 and section 21 of the Housin

Disputes (personal)

My mother has died and left me nothing in her will. Is there anything I can do?

The law does permit claims by children, whether under or over the age of 18, against the estate of the deceased.

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Does the law of defamation cover things published on the internet?

Defamation is where somebody makes a false claim about you that is damaging to your reputation. For defamation to occur, a false statement mus

Disputes (personal)

How should I deal with a dispute with my neighbour about the boundary between our properties?

When dealing with a neighbour boundary dispute, you should first review your title document or lease to see whether this establishes who owns

Disputes (personal)

Tenants have caused damage to my property at the end of their tenancy. Can I bill them for the repairs?

If your tenant causes damage to your property (over and above normal wear and tear), they should report it to you immediately so that you can