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Department: Employment Law

Employment Law

Should overtime payments be included in holiday pay?

In 2014 the Employment Appeals Tribunal ruled that overtime payments should be included in employee holiday pay when calculating 'normal pay'.

Employment Law

What do I do if I am offered a settlement agreement?

Get good legal advice. Without independent legal advice, the agreement will not actually be binding.

Employment Law

What are the guidelines around discrimination during the recruitment process?

The Equality Act means that employers can't discriminate against people in the workplace or during the recruitment process.

Employment Law

Does discrimination law apply to pregnant women?

Yes. Discrimination law makes it illegal to discriminate against workers on the grounds of their gender, age, religion or sexual orientation.

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Can my employer dismiss me if I’ve worked for them for less than two years?

Without a minimum of two years' service, the relationship between employer and employee is mainly bound by the terms of the employment contrac

Employment Law

Is a work email address personal data under GDPR?

The short answer is, yes it is personal data. Most work email address state your name, as well as the place that you work, clearly identifying

Employment Law

How do I handle a dispute among shareholders?

A dispute among shareholders can be unpleasant and complicated, taking up everybody’s time and risking dissolution of the company. You will ce

Employment Law

I’ve received a lengthy and complicated contract of employment. Should I sign it?

It is crucial that you understand and are happy with the terms and conditions on offer in any employment contract or consultancy agreement bef