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Department: Employment Law

Employment Law

Is it a disciplinary matter to use social media while at work?

The way this is handled depends on whether your company has a social media policy setting out acceptable social media usage. If there is no po

Employment Law

I’ve been told that I will be transferring to a new employer under TUPE regulations. Do I have to transfer?

TUPE can be complicated but, in essence, if the work that you will be doing following transfer is not fundamentally different to that which yo

Employment Law

Can I claim back employment tribunal fees?

Yes, in 2017 the Supreme Court ruled that employment tribunal fees charged since 2013 were in fact unlawful. Between 2013 and 2017 anyone brin

Employment Law

What is a post-termination restriction?

Post-termination restrictions are sometimes also known as restrictive covenants. They prevent you from carrying out certain activities once yo

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How much notice do I have to give?

You are required to give the minimum statutory notice, which is no less than one week, regardless of length of service. It is common, however,

Employment Law

Do I need a solicitor if I intend to sign a settlement agreement?

You are required to seek independent legal advice. Employers often pay for, or contribute to, the costs of your legal advice, so there is like

Employment Law

How should I decide whether to sign a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement draws a line under everything that has gone before, once it is signed there is no going back, so if you believe you hav

Employment Law

What is a settlement agreement?

Settlement agreements used to be known as compromise agreements. They bring your employment to an end on mutually agreed terms, often involvin