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Department: Family Law

Commercial Property

Why is it necessary to provide ID and proof of funds when instructing a solicitor?

Providing ID and proof of funds is a requirement of The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2017.

Family Law

Are pre-nuptial agreements legally binding?

While pre-nuptial agreements are not legally binding in England, judges are giving increasing weight to what has been agreed

Family Law

Do DIY divorces work?

DIY divorce is much-talked about as a way of driving down the cost of divorce and avoiding acrimonious and expensive court proceedings.

Family Law

Are assets split 50/50 if you divorce?

The starting point on divorce is that a couple’s assets are split equally. The court will then consider other factors under the Matrimonial Ca

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Are prenuptial and cohabitation agreements worthwhile?

Yes, if you are planning to get married, enter a civil partnership or move in with your partner, it might be wise to protect your assets and e

Family Law

Will getting divorced affect my business interests?

Commercial interests and overseas assets can generally be taken into account as ‘matrimonial assets’. The first step would be to value the bus

Family Law

How are finances and property divided on divorce?

As well as savings and property, you will also need to consider on-going spousal maintenance and pension provision.

Family Law

How much does it cost to get a divorce?

There are mandatory court fees to pay, which are currently £550. Legal costs depend on the complexity of your case, for example, whether you n