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Department: Furlough and Employment Contracts

Employment Law

Should a settlement agreement be confidential?

Most employers will want to keep the terms of a settlement agreement confidential. Find out more here...

Employment Law

Should I seek legal advice before signing a settlement agreement?

In this article we explore certain conditions of a settlement agreement and why it is important to seek advice.

Employment Law

What should be included in a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract used to settle disputes between an employer and employee. Find out more...

Employment Law

What is a settlement agreement and when are they used?

Settlement agreements are legal contracts used by employers to settle disputes or avoid lengthy contractual processes.

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Can we bring staff back on reduced pay?

A change of pay is a significant point and must be agreed with staff. Find out more here...

Employment Law

If an employee resigns during furlough, do they get full pay for their notice period?

In this article, we'll explore how much notice pay an employee is entitled to should they resign while on furlough.

Employment Law

Can I bring someone back from furlough into another role?

In this article our team of expert solicitors answers the question: Can I bring someone back from furlough into another role?

Furlough and Employment Contracts

Can we change terms whilst people are on furlough?

Yes, all employment law remains the same. If you need to make a change you need to check if you have the power to that on your own or start a