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Department: Furlough and Employment Contracts

Furlough and Employment Contracts

Can we bring staff back on reduced pay?

With their agreement yes. This is a major change of terms for the employee so you cannot do this without their agreement. You should discuss t

Furlough and Employment Contracts

If an employee resigns during furlough, do they get full pay for their notice period?

This depends on their notice entitlement. Whether they are entitled to statutory or contractual notice. For the latter they would be entitled

Furlough and Employment Contracts

Can I bring someone back from furlough into another role?

It depends on the terms of the other role and what you intend to protect from the persons original role. For example, was their pay higher for

Furlough and Employment Contracts

Can we change terms whilst people are on furlough?

Yes, all employment law remains the same. If you need to make a change you need to check if you have the power to that on your own or start a

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Should my staff be ready to work when on furlough?

Yes, they are still employed and so for example, they cannot leave the country without taking annual leave or some other leave which might be

Furlough and Employment Contracts

Can I bring people back from furlough earlier than planned?

Yes, if you are able to run safely and need your employees, they can be called back to work.

Furlough and Employment Contracts

Can we keep people on furlough until the end in October?

Yes, as long as you agreed this with staff when they first went onto the furlough. If the agreement was for a particular period, you need to a

Furlough and Employment Contracts

Will payment in lieu of notice be paid from furlough?

No. The scheme is intended to keep people in work, not to pay a lump sum to terminate employment