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Department: Private Wealth

Private Wealth

What can I leave in my will?

A will details what should happen to your estate (including money, property, investments, and your possessions).

Private Wealth

How often should I review my will?

It is recommended that you review your will every five years or after any major change in your life.

Private Wealth

My spouse can look after my financial affairs if I lose capacity and am unable to do so for myself – Myth or truth?

Myth – Unless you have a registered Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place

Private Wealth

I cannot do anything to save inheritance tax because it is tax evasion – Myth or truth?

Myth - There are many tax reliefs and allowances that are given to everyone to legitimately use.

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I can draft my will to secure my half of the estate for my children – Myth or truth?

Truth - Wills can be drafted so that even if a surviving spouse or partner changes their will after you die

Private Wealth

Our children are guaranteed to inherit my estate because my partner and I have both made wills – Myth or truth?

This is a myth - in most cases a surviving partner can change their will.

Private Wealth

My partner will get everything if I die so there is no need to make a will – Myth or truth?

This is a myth as unmarried couples are entitled to nothing if there is no will.

Commercial Property

Why is it necessary to provide ID and proof of funds when instructing a solicitor?

Providing ID and proof of funds is a requirement of The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2017.