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Private Wealth

Can I include my dog in my will?

Pets are considered personal possessions according to the law in England and Wales, so can be gifted to someone else by including a letter of

Private Wealth

What are the risks of using an unregulated will-writer?

Using an unregulated will-writer can leave consumers exposed to the risk of exploitation by unscrupulous and unqualified practitioners.

Private Wealth

Do I need to swear an oath when making an application for probate?

Probate rules introduced on 27 November 2018 allow personal applications to be made without the need to swear an oath.

Private Wealth

I have a joint bank account, so if anything happens to me, will my spouse be able to access our money?

Even with a joint account you could still face problems accessing cash. Your account could be frozen for all but essential transactions until

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Can my spouse make decisions for me if I lack capacity?

No, it is only possible for someone to act on your behalf if you have an LPA.

Private Wealth

How old do you have to be to make a will?

Anyone over 18 (or over 17 if you are a member of the armed forces) can and should make a will.

Private Wealth

Why use a solicitor to make a will?

A will is a legal document and if it is drafted incorrectly it could cost a lot to put right any errors. You really do need a qualified solici

Private Wealth

What happens if you die without a will?

In England and Wales, there are complex rules (intestacy rules) which dictate how your money, property or possessions should be distributed if