Can I include my dog in my will? Private Wealth

Pets are considered personal possessions according to the law in England and Wales, so can be gifted to someone else by including a letter of wishes with your will.

In your letter of wishes, you can include all of the information that your dog’s new owners will need about how to look after your pet, for example, relating to diet and medical needs.

You can also leave money to help cover the costs of caring for your dog. Be aware though that the person who inherits your pet is under no legal obligation to use that money to care for your pet.

You could instead create a trust into which a sum of money will be paid, enabling trustees to manage the payments so that your pet is cared for. The trust can last for the life of your pet and you can specify who you want the balance to be paid to, such as an animal charity or family member.

Don’t be tempted to leave cash directly to your dog as pets cannot legally receive inheritance!

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