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Buying and selling your home can be a costly exercise so most of us will shop around to make sure we are not paying too much for conveyancing fees, which are usually offered on a fixed price basis.

A word of warning though as when shopping around for conveyancing quotes it is important to be sure that a fixed price quotation includes all essential and unavoidable costs and searches required to complete the process so you know exactly what you will have to pay and not get a nasty surprise just before you are due to move.

For example, when buying a house with the benefit of a mortgage particular searches are compulsory and a stamp duty land tax return must be filed with HMRC when you complete your purchase. But many conveyancing firms will not include these as part of their initial quotation so you will end up paying more in the long run. Many conveyancing firms will quote for their legal fees only so it is best to ask what the quotation includes and obtain a full breakdown when ringing around to make sure you are receiving like for like quotations when making comparisons.

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