Meet Sarah Abbotts, one of Beswicks’ rising stars. She’s a family solicitor with a level head and a sympathetic approach to her work. You can get to know Sarah by reading her Q&A.

When did you decide to pursue a career in law?

At college, I studied law and it was the first time I could actually say I really enjoyed a subject (sounds awful!)

Why did you choose family law?

During my training contract, I tried a lot of different areas and this was the one that stuck out to me and I felt that it was most suited to my personality.

What was your first job (any job, not just legal) and what big lesson did you learn from it?

I worked at Makro straight after I left school. This really brought me out of my shell and I learned a lot about myself. It has also helped me to interact with people which I feel is key in the family law department.

What’s the most satisfying thing about your job?

Helping people out at one of the most difficult times in their life.

What makes a good family solicitor?

Someone who is sensible and listens well.

What motto would you say you live and work by?

Nothing worth having comes easy.

If you could turn the clock back, what advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Don’t worry so much, things always work out in the end.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spending time with friends.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

What is meant for you won’t pass you by.