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Debt recovery

Pursuing unpaid debts can be stressful and frustrating but don’t give up on money that you are owed. Our debt recovery specialists can help.

We offer a dedicated, professional service supporting you during every stage of the debt collection process. Our strategy depends on the type of debtor you are pursuing, your relationship with the person who owes you money and how strongly you wish to pursue your debtor.

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Head of Debt Recovery

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  • Bankruptcy and winding up
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Our debt recovery specialists have a high success rate when it comes to clawing back money owed. Before you consider writing off debt, make sure you talk to them about how they can help you.

Pre-action protocol

Before starting a debt recovery claim, it is important to adhere to the steps set out in the pre-action protocol for debt recovery.

This requires both parties to exchange requested information, act in a proportionate and responsible manner, particularly in relation to costs, and make every attempt to resolve the matter before starting legal proceedings.

The protocol applies to any business (including sole traders and public bodies) claiming payment of a debt from an individual (including a sole trader), but excludes business-to-business debts (except in circumstances where both businesses are sole traders).

It is vital that the pre-action protocol is complied with to avoid delays and penalties later down the line. The aim is to encourage early engagement and communication, avoid court proceedings if possible, and, if litigation is unavoidable, ensure matters can be dealt with efficiently.

Our experts can take care of the pre-action protocol for you, ensuring all requirements are met, maximising the chance of you successfully recovering the debt and minimising the risk of things escalating to court proceedings.


Statutory demands, bankruptcy and winding up

Whether you are concerned with your financial position or you are being threatened with bankruptcy or winding up, we can help.

You cannot take any action against an individual through the insolvency process if your outstanding debt is less than £5000. However, a claim against a limited company is £750 or above.

Our detailed knowledge of personal and corporate insolvency may provide you with alternatives to your situation. We can help you through the insolvency process. Having the right lawyer in your corner can be crucial for protection.

Defended actions

Our highly experienced dispute resolution team can handle full commercial disputes on your behalf.

Credit control

It is vital that any business has a full and robust credit control system in place. We can help you set up procedures for customer credit checks, the identification of customers, establishing your terms and conditions of trading, your payment terms, your credit control procedures including letters and emails, and your telephone calls processes.

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