How much will it cost me?

As a Legal 500 firm, our family law team combines the highest quality advice and value for money whilst maintaining excellent standards of client care. Our highly qualified and experienced family lawyers are frequently recommended by fellow professionals, so you can be assured we will provide the right advice to achieve the results you need in the shortest possible time.

We offer a fixed fee first appointment at £100 plus VAT for an initial consultation. We do not offer free interviews or promotional rates. In our experience free appointments offered elsewhere are often no more than quick chats offering little real legal advice and can often leave clients with more questions and uncertain how to progress.

At Beswicks Legal we have a team of experienced male and female solicitors who will provide you with detailed advice and guidance from the outset together with an indication of the likely overall costs, enabling you to quickly make an informed decision about whether and how you wish to proceed.

Our solicitors are approachable and will provide advice that is easy to understand and appropriate to your particular circumstances. As we progress your case our approach is designed to achieve the best outcome and minimise the cost to you.

We aim to give you a realistic estimate of the fees we will charge for your case and to monitor your costs at all times to ensure that we keep our charges as low as possible.

We offer fixed fees for uncontested divorces. If you are issuing a divorce (the Petitioner) our fee will be £750 plus VAT, in addition, there will be a Court fee which is currently £550 plus VAT, and, if you are the party against whom the undefended divorce has been issued (the Respondent) our fee will be £500 plus VAT.

Our tips to keep your costs down

Many of our clients have found these tips helpful:

  • Listen to the advice we give and try to follow it. Our solicitors have many years’ experience and can help you to understand what the courts will order or what your opponent might be willing to agree.
  • Be reasonable and take account of the long-term consequences of your actions and communications. Often things said or done in the heat of the moment can take many months to rectify at a greater cost to you.
  • Take time to think about what is important to you and what you might be willing to compromise about. Often arguing over unimportant items or “matters of principle” can deflect attention from vital elements and lead to increased costs and delay.
  • Be organised and provide information and documents we have requested quickly. We may ask you to provide details of your finances and other background, so make sure your facts are correct and that you are prepared for any meetings to ensure we get quickly to the heart of the matter. If at any stage you are unclear about what is required, do not hesitate to ask us to clarify.
  • Respond to any requests we send to you and keep us informed. This will prevent us having to chase you, thereby increasing your costs.
  • Try wherever possible to keep things amicable and avoid using your solicitor to communicate with your opponent about day to day matters.
  • Try to see things from your opponent’s perspective. Remember that your opponent will be quick to react to any step you take; and spending heavily or moving money or assets around will cause concern and suspicion, which in turn will result in increased correspondence between solicitors or even an early application to the Court.

Following these tips will help to keep the total cost of your case under control and may actually help to achieve the result you are hoping for.

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