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Planning & Environmental

The planning and environmental regime in the UK is complex. It is a mixture of legislation and government and local plan policy.

An understanding of planning policies and procedures is vital to the success of property development projects. Mistakes or avoidable delay can prove very costly.

Our approach is to give you early proactive advice to planning issues and to provide commercially robust solutions to ensure a successful result.

Whether you are hoping to gain planning permission for a project, have had plans for a proposed development rejected or are affected by a compulsory purchase order, we can help.

We can guide you through the planning and environmental minefield quickly and efficiently, breaking down complex issues and using our significant experience to cut through the red tape, while ensuring legal compliance.

Iain Johnston
Planning and Environmental Consultant

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  • Planning applications and appeals
  • Environmental compliance
  • High speed rail (HS2) legal and compensation advice
  • Compulsory purchase orders

Our planning specialists have successfully helped commercial and property developers, organisations and landowners on a broad range of planning and environmental matters. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.


Planning applications and appeals

Getting good planning advice before and during the planning application process can have a huge impact on the eventual outcome.

With an in-depth knowledge of planning law and planning principles, we can advise on any issues that might need to be addressed to ensure approval and provide advice on how to manage objectors.

If your planning application has been rejected, our specialist planning lawyers can guide you through the appeal process, drafting the appeal documents, preparing detailed evidence and legal submissions, and establishing why your application was rejected in the first place, making sure the reasons for refusal are addressed adequately in the subsequent appeal.

We also provide advice on high court challenges and judicial review, planning obligations, enforcement by the council, listed buildings and village green applications.

Environmental compliance

Our lawyers provide advice on a range of environmental issues from compliance with environmental regulations to representations on prosecutions.

We have particular experience of dealing with issues under the Environmental Permitting Regulations and waste management, as well as contaminated land issues, pollution offences, statutory nuisance and environmental impact assessments.

Compulsory purchase

We provide advice and support to businesses affected by compulsory purchase orders, helping to co-ordinate and mount objections to proposals on a range of grounds including legal, planning and environmental arguments.

We can also advise on and negotiate the amount of compensation to be claimed.

High speed rail (HS2) legal and compensation advice

High speed rail (HS2) is one of the government’s flagship projects introducing high-speed rail to the UK rail network.

Phase One of the route connects London and Birmingham. Phase 2(a) connects Birmingham to Crewe. Phase 2(b) runs from Crewe to Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds.

The routes for Phase One and Phase Two of HS2 and its eventual construction will have a significant impact on landowners and businesses.

In particular those whose land is needed for the construction of the rail projects and those parties with land holdings near to the proposed line.

We have extensive experience advising landowners and businesses affected by the HS2 project. This includes the provision of strategic advice to ensure proper compensation is secured.

HS2 specialist areas include:

  • Advising commercial organisations and property owners on the impact of the project, the relevant compulsory purchase powers (CPO) and tactical measures to ensure that compensation for land or property is maximised.
  • Handling claims for clients under the statutory blight provisions, the Express Purchase Scheme, the express purchase scheme and other related compensation schemes proposed by government.
  • The statutory procedures and mechanisms to make representations/objections to the government’s Hybrid Bills.
  • Preparing petitions for clients and representing clients’ interests at any Select Committee hearings into the proposed Hybrid Bills.
  • Dealing with property transactions and transfers as a result of any compulsory purchase.
  • Negotiating and handling CPO claims or conditional agreements for clients with HS2 Limited, and preparing any relevant references to the Lands Tribunal and providing advice on legal issues in relation to compensation.



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