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We understand that business interests and estate wealth are exposed to numerous risks, such as:

  • care home fees
  • excessive inheritance tax
  • business continuity problems following the death of a shareholder or director
  • who inherits business and personal assets
  • bankruptcy
  • loss of mental capacity

Our private wealth service can take steps to manage your exposure to risks.

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I have been impressed with the speed and professionalism of the service provided.

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Professional services network

As well as offering legal expertise, our private wealth team works as part of a professional services network.

This means we can tailor solutions to your personal circumstances and our solutions are not limited to legal services.

We draw on our team of professional advisers, who cover financial planning, accountancy, private banking, corporate finance and valuers to provide you with a comprehensive wealth, tax and investment management advice service.  Find out more.

Beswicks Protect

Beswicks Protect is a comprehensive wealth protection service that makes it easy for employees to get solid advice from our expert solicitors completely free of charge. Our team can visit your workplace to give a presentation and hold one-to-one consultations, providing staff with crucial information about how they can protect their assets and ensure their families are provided for should anything happen to them.

Estate planning for families

Families have all sorts of different priorities and wishes when it comes to planning who can benefit from their estate. There may be children from more than one relationship to cater for or certain family members may be vulnerable which would mean inheriting wealth outright would not be sensible.

Inheritance tax may be a cause for concern or you may not know if your estate is exposed to this. What if someone loses mental capacity because of an accident? Finances can become frozen and if you want to move house you may not be able to without a court order.

There is a broad spectrum of areas we can help with and we work with financial advisers who can identify the best retirement and investment strategies for you.

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Essential business protection

Do you have an exit strategy for your business? What would happen to your business interest or career wealth if you passed away? Will the business be able to carry on and can your co-shareholders or partners acquire your business interest if you are unable to continue to be involved? How much inheritance tax might your investments and career wealth be exposed to?

Protecting your business and your loved ones may depend on the answers to these questions.

The fact is that most people in business and who have built up considerable wealth during their careers would prefer to pass that value to their family rather than the taxman but wealth often leaves close family vulnerable to less scrupulous individuals. It is vital that you make sure you have received the right advice so your wealth is accessible only to those you choose.

We advise business owners, executives and individuals in sport on their financial plans and help formulate succession strategies by putting in place essential estate planning tools to protect wealth and dependents should the worst happen.

Planning your retirement

Hopefully, you are enjoying your retirement. In fact, for many clients, life in retirement is busier than when they were working! This often means that essential planning such as wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney can be overlooked.

You may be interested in how to protect your home for your family or understand whether inheritance tax will affect your estate.

While enjoying your hard-earned retirement is no doubt a priority, we can help you to make sure your family has as little stress as possible by putting in place essential estate plans, covering areas such as how decisions are made if someone loses mental capacity.

We do not charge to have an initial conversation and all our work is based on fixed fees agreed upfront with you.

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