A survey has revealed that more than half of UK parents with children under 18 have not made a will.

The research, carried out by Will Aid, found that 54% of mums and dads have not prepared the vital document which can be used to nominate who should look after the children if mum and dad pass away.

The majority of people without wills say they simply haven’t got around to it yet, although 27 per cent admit that they haven’t created a will because they didn’t want to think about death.

The truth is nobody likes to think about worst-case scenarios, but my advice to parents would be to try to put those fears aside.

Making a will is not as unpleasant or daunting as you might think and, as parents, we have a duty to think about the ‘what ifs’ to make sure our children are properly cared for and provided for if anything does happen to us.

If you die without appointing a guardian, and there is no one left behind with parental responsibility, it may be left to the courts to decide who your child will spend the rest of their formative years with.

Failure to leave clear instructions can also lead to family disputes in what are likely to be the darkest days of a young person’s life.

Preparing a correctly worded will with a solicitor is the best way to help ensure your children’s future is managed in accordance with your wishes.

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