The latest Residential Conveyancing Consumer Research Report has revealed that most people prefer to use law firms and solicitors rather than online, volume or DIY conveyancing.

When questioned consumers said they valued experience and qualifications above the price when looking for a legal adviser to deal with their property transaction.

The majority of people (55%) do shop around for quotes but the fact that they recognise that cheap isn’t necessarily cheerful and that instructing an experienced, qualified adviser is worth the investment is music to my ears.

Conveyancing isn’t always a straightforward process and when problems or complexities arise, it really does pay to have a solicitor you have faith in and who has the experience and qualifications to take action to resolve issues and act swiftly on your behalf.

In a world where Google is the first port of call for many, the report found that savvy consumers rely on recommendations or previous experience with a firm when choosing their conveyancing solicitor.

The Residential Conveyancing Consumer Research Report is based on responses from 562 consumers who have purchased a property in the last two years, so it really does give a good indication of people’s perceptions, experiences and opinions.

Other findings include:

  • Start to completion takes around four months.
  • The majority of consumers have to deal with unforeseen issues in the conveyancing process. This makes it so very important that you instruct a trusted adviser who you can speak with easily and who has the experience and knowledge required to resolve such issues.
  • The majority of people will stay with their conveyancer if there is a next time.
  • More than 90% of buyers pay a fixed fee for conveyancing.
  • Experience and qualifications are the main drivers in choosing a solicitor but cost and speed are also important factors.

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