MLS Superdraft


Major League Soccer Superdraft 2017 first and second rounds begin this week with Beswicks partners Gary Mellor and Nick Phillips and team members Jon Hassall and George Mellor in attendance, they will also link up with our North American colleagues Barry Maclean and Stuart Neely.

With no promotion or relegation in the MLS, the draft system enables last season’s weakest teams to have the first pick of the best players leaving college soccer. Many believe the system helps sustain a competitive and exciting league. It’s difficult to argue otherwise have seen the rapid growth in MLS attendances and the league being populated by many of the world’s most exciting players.

“This is one of our most important markets with the Superdraft being the place to be each year, it gives us the chance to further strengthen our presence in North America as the ‘go-to’ firm in the UK for sports law advice and support in the North American soccer market,” says Gary Mellor.

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