As the news of Carillion’s collapse begins to sink in, employees, supply chain organisations and sub-contractors are left trying to establish exactly what it will mean for them.

Carillion delivered around 450 government contracts including services for hospitals, schools, prisons and transport. The company’s winding up order has far-reaching implications, affecting tens of thousands of businesses and employees either directly or indirectly.

If you are affected by Carillion’s liquidation, my advice would be not to sit back, but to seek professional help at the earliest opportunity, so that you can work through the best options for you.

Legal advice is essential in these situations. If you are a supplier or sub-contractor, you should be thinking about reviewing your contracts for termination events, looking at wrongful trading risks and in some circumstances considering a restructure. Speak to our corporate law team for advice on these issues by emailing peter.ellis@beswicks.com or phoning 01782 205000.

From a human resources perspective, whether you are an employer or employee, employment lawyer Laura Franklin can provide advice and guidance on the steps you should now be taking. Contact Laura at laura.franklin@beswicks.com or phone 01782 205000.

If your business is pursuing unpaid debts and struggling to recover money that you are owed, don’t hesitate to contact me at richard.anderson@beswicks.com or phone 01782 205000.

In short, my advice would be to take the initiative and talk over your situation with a legal professional to ensure you are ahead of the curve and taking full control of the situation you are now faced with.