As companies step up their GDPR preparations, I’m sure, like me, you have been receiving a steady stream of messages in your inbox asking you to confirm that you’re happy to continue receiving marketing emails.

I have received some of these emails to my personal email address and have either clicked yes or, to be honest, completely forgotten to respond. Let’s face it, if I really want their products or services, I’ll go to their website when the need arises.

Interestingly a number of the GDPR emails that I’ve received in my work inbox have been from companies (which I won’t name) asking me to opt in to continue receiving their communications when I’ve never even heard of them, never received an email from them and never gave my email address to them in the first place.

It has been surprising the different types of companies that have contacted me in this way and it shows that your data can be stored by any number of companies without you even knowing.

Receiving these emails has demonstrated to me that GDPR really is necessary and, despite the additional work involved in reviewing the data we process and tackling culture change within our organisations, the new regulations are important. They are designed to protect our personal data, which it seems has been added to list after list, often without us knowing anything about it.

It makes me wonder whether more than just my email address is contained in databases around the country. We may never know how much of our data is held all over the commercial world!

If you need any assistance preparing for GDPR, we can provide advice, guidance and document packs, as well as reviewing policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Our Beswicks HR service automatically includes ongoing support on internal GDPR matters. Get in touch to find out more.