Motoring Insurance Pitfalls


We all know that before you get behind the wheel of a car you must have valid motor insurance.

But did you know that there’s a surprisingly long list of things that could result in your insurance being invalidated and your insurer refusing to pay out in the event of an accident?

Be aware that the following will invalidate your insurance:

1. Commuting to work with ‘social car use’.
Even if you only drive to the train station, you need a ‘social and commuting’ policy, otherwise any accidents to or from work will not be covered.

2. Changing your job and not informing your insurance company.
Insurers look at your job title when deciding how much to charge you, so you must make sure they have up-to-date details.

3. Minor bumps that you don’t claim for.
You need to inform your insurance provider of any damage, even if you pay for the repairs yourself. Not informing them means you’re in breach of your policy and that could lead to a future claim being rejected.

4. Clocking up greater annual mileage than predicted.
The more miles you do, the more likely you are to have an accident and the higher your insurance premium. Estimate your annual mileage as accurately as possible otherwise your insurer could decide not to pay a claim.

5. Making changes to your vehicle.
Changing your car whether by installing tinted windows, new wheels, paint jobs, racing seats or a new engine can change your premium and if you don’t inform your insurer, you might find that you’re no longer covered.

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