Discrimination in job adverts


Incredible as it may seem an online job advert for an office worker spotted this week actually stated ‘Persons with young children need not apply’!

The controversial job advert for an office worker position at a Dublin oil company caused an immediate uproar on social media.

The Equality Act means that employers can’t discriminate against parents in this way. There are several guidelines for employers on how to avoid discrimination in the workplace and during the recruitment process.

Protected characteristics highlighted in the Act include age, gender, race, sexuality, disability and nationality. Stating that people with young children are not welcome to apply should certainly be avoided as it is clearly discriminatory. At the least, it is likely to be considered indirect sex discrimination or even age discrimination as it is more likely that younger people will have young children.

In job adverts and interviews comments and questions about marital status, children and family plans should certainly be avoided. The simple fact is it is unlawful to reject a job applicant on the basis that they have children

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