Will drafting

A well-drafted will is essential to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled and your estate passes to beneficiaries of your choice.

A will can provide for inheritance tax planning, protect assets for future generations and appoint chosen guardians, executors and trustees.

Putting a will in place avoids the intestacy rules  that force you to leave your estate in an unintended way and often cause unnecessary hardship for your family.

Whether your main asset is your home, you own a business or have other wealth and investment interests a well thought out will means you do not expose hard-earned wealth to risk from tax or unknown beneficiaries and creditors.

A will can take into consideration your attitude towards the age your children should inherit, the stability of their relationships, business concerns and their own tax position.

You may wish to leave specific items to someone or make sure your favoured charity receives a legacy from you.

It is common to include trusts in your will and ask trustees to look after your estate. Your intentions in relation to how your estate is administered through the trust can be made known through a letter of wishes that you place with your will.

To make a will best suited to your circumstances, please get in touch with our expert team.

Check our step-by-step guide on the process for making your will.

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